EX areas and (3D) impression signs

Explosion hazards: EX areas

The presence of certain gases or substances in an area may lead to an explosion hazard which defines such an area as EX. You are only permitted to enter an EX area if you observe the various safety procedures to minimize this risk. Blomsma Signs & Safety supplies custom-made impression signs to inform employees, contractors and visitors where the EX areas on a site are located. All signs are set up in accordance with the ATEX guidelines (ATEX 153 1999/92/EG).

Impression signs with two- or three-dimensional drawings

To ensure optimum transfer of information, we produce composite signs, EX area signs, and 2-D and 3-D impression signs. Our specific design ensures that the message is communicated to the target group in the best possible way. Situations on site are clearly indicated on the signs by drawings. Using 2-D and 3-D drawings, bird’s-eye views of situations or simple graphics lets us make clear which tanks are in a given tank pit and what substances these tanks contain. Three-dimensional drawings are often easier to ‘read’ and therefore clearer than two-dimensional drawings.

Compliant with ATEX, PGS29 and PGS15 guidelines

Communicating high-risk areas is an important part of safety signage. It is explanatory, giving people a proper picture of the location of the EX areas on a site. At a more detailed level, it informs people where the EX areas are located in a tank park, for example. The primary criteria are those that ensure clear transfer of information. Additionally, signs are designed in such a way that everyone understands the message; if required this can be done in line with corporate branding guidelines.

Inspectorate of Social Affairs and Employment

In the Netherlands, indications of EX areas are supervised by the Inspectorate of Social Affairs and Employment (ISZW). The policy aims to make visible where the EX areas are, in order to make sure that the appropriate preventive means can be applied there.