Project overview Engineer
Client: Bayards/Statoil Ronald van der Aar
Location: Aasta Hansteen
Scope: Engineering and production Platform Identification signs
Market: Offshore & Marine
Year: 2017
Engineer: Ronald van der Aar

Blomsma Signs & Safety has produced the platform identification panels for Aasta Hansteen, on instructions from Bayards. The Aasta Hansteen platform is being constructed in South Korea by Hyundai Heavy Industries on instructions from Statoil. The purpose of the platform ID panels is to make the platform recognisable for helicopters and shipping from a greater distance. Clearly recognisable ID signs can help prevent wrong deck landings, as a study by CHC in 2015 demonstrated.

The extreme weather conditions in the area where the Aasta Hansteen platform will be operating place severe demands on the panels. To achieve the optimum lifespan, high-quality 3M™ Diamond Grade reflective sheeting has been used. All ‘open’ connections have been sealed with a 3M™ Edge Sealant to prevent salt water from affecting the sheeting.

Blomsma Signs & Safety 3M™ Certified Sign Installers™ have prepared the system panels supplied by Bayards and applied the 3M™ sheeting and sealant. The project engineer has assigned a code to each individual panel. This code has been applied as a label to the back of each panel, ensuring that they can be assembled efficiently in Korea.