Delfluent Services B.V.

Project overview Engineer
Client: Delfluent Services B.V. Ronald van der Aar
Location: Netherlands, The Hague, Den Hoorn and Midden Delfland
Scope: Complete safety signage
Market: Industry
Year: From 2015
Engineer: Ronald van der Aar

Delfluent Services (DSBV) was founded in 2003 and all its shares have been held since December 2012 by Evides, an important and innovative player in the water purification and wastewater treatment world. Delfluent handles the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plants at Houtrust in The Hague and Harnaschpolder in Den Hoorn, along with the associated transport system of nineteen pumping stations.

Blomsma Signs & Safety started making an inventory early in 2015 of the safety signage, following it up by producing a signage plan. That plan led to an advisory report and an implementation plan.

After going through a tendering process, Blomsma Signs & Safety was awarded the contract by Delfluent Services for the work. The Houtrust and Harnaschpolder wastewater treatment plans and the nineteen pumping stations have been given all the relevant safety signage in accordance with the Working Conditions Provisions, applying the norms such as ISO7010, NEN3050, ISO17398, etc.

The scope of the safety signage comprised marking the pipes and storage tanks, escape route signage, safety zone signs, signs for loading/unloading areas, evacuation plan signage and the signs for the firefighting and rescue equipment. Blomsma Signs & Safety also produced the direction signs on site.

The implementation work has in the meantime been completed and we are now carrying out annual maintenance on the safety signage system.


Blomsma Signs & Safety realised the following components:

  • sign audits and drawing up signage plans
  • escape route marking
  • evacuation plan signage
  • safety zone signs and location signs
  • direction signs on site
  • signs for EX zones and loading/unloading areas
  • pipemarking as per NEN3050 and GHS
  • tank markings
  • firefighting and rescue equipment signage
  • building identification signs / building codes

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