HTM Personenvervoer

Project overview Engineer
Client: HTM Personenvervoer Ronald Fruytier
Location: Netherlands
Scope: Engineering and application of floormarking
Market: Utility
Year: 2015
Engineer: Ronald Fruytier

Floor Marking HTM ‘De Werf 30’ completed

Blomsma Signs & Safety applied floor marking on behalf of HTM on location ‘De Werf 30’. The objective of the project was to freshen up the old floor again, as well as providing clear traffic routes. In addition, various symbols and additional markings where applied.


The assumptions for the traffic routes are from the Dutch ARBO Decree,

Chapter 8. Safety and Health signage;

  • Article 8.2 Permanent Signage
  • Article 8.29 Requirements for marking of traffic routes

The project

Blomsma Signs & Safety first engineered and drafted a floor plan, after a survey on location. The approved plan served as a basis for realization.

After the determination of a pragmatic work schedule, the execution started with the grinding of the entire floor, ensuring that the adhesion of the new layer is optimal. Subsequently the floor has been given a gray coat and blue traffic route paths with white lines, various danger symbols and markings.