RDM Training Plant

Project overview Engineer
Client: RDM Training Plant Pieter Heijboer
Location: Netherlands, Rotterdam
Scope: Safety signage
Market: Industry
Year: 2018
Engineer: Pieter Heijboer

The RDM Training Plant is a sensational public-private project in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam. The RDM Training Plant is a ‘real life’ training facility, intended for technology students and existing staff in the petrochemical and process industry. Since the construction of this unique location, Blomsma Signs & Safety has been involved as a sponsor for ‘real life’ safety signage.

Safety signage is a visual translation of the safety policy, and informs staff about potential hazards, dos and don’ts. Furthermore, it provides for the designation of escape routes, fire fighting and rescue equipment. In addition to it being legally required from the Working Conditions Regulations (Working Conditions Act) in the Netherlands, safety signage is a conscious choice of companies to provide clear information transfer.

At the RDM Training Plant, both the new and the existing generation are there along with the people who do the work in the process industry. The safety signage not only contributes to the safety in the Training Plant, but also represents the actual situation as it should be in the process industry.

As proud sponsor of this project, we have provided escape route signalling, fire fighting equipment signalling, signalling of rescue equipment, location access signs, process identification, evacuation plans, antiskid stair treads and pipe marking. In the future too, we will be contributing to this unique location with innovative solutions.

Want to know more about the RDM Training Plant and what they can do for you?

See: https://www.rdmtrainingplant.nl/homepage