Rubis Terminal Rotterdam

Project overview Engineer
Client: Rubis Terminal Rotterdam Pieter Heijboer
Location: Netherlands, Botlek-Rotterdam
Scope: Safety signage, overview boards (including 3D)
Market: Industry & Chemicals
Year: 2016-2017
Engineer: Pieter Heijboer

Rubis Terminal Rotterdam is a state-of-the-art terminal for storage of mineral oil and chemical products. It is located in the heart of the Botlek district in Rotterdam.

For Rubis Terminal Rotterdam, expertise means safety. In addition to detailed safety procedures, they are continually investing in training and refresher courses for the staff. Dedicated staff automatically take on responsibility for their own safety and environmental safety.

The safety signage project came about as a result of that safety philosophy and its rules, as well as resulting from legislation and regulations. The focus of the project is on clearly showing the names of the media they currently contain on the tanks, and showing the medium names with the associated GHS pictograms at the entrances to the tank parks at the terminal. A flexible solution is required because the media contained in the various storage tanks change regularly.

To achieve this, overview signs have been placed next to the entrances to the tank pits and there are swappable elements in the markings on the storage tanks. The swappable elements have been made as powerful magnetic holders covered in 3M™ foil sheeting. Simplified graphical 3D impressions and a clear design help make sure that the information gets across effectively.

Thanks to the project that has been realised and other ongoing safety signage work, we are helping Rubis Terminal Rotterdam build up their expertise.


Blomsma Signs & Safety is realising the following components for Rubis Terminal Rotterdam: