Standic Dordrecht

Project overview Engineer
Client: Standic Dordrecht B.V. Timon Keus
Location: Netherlands, Dordrecht
Scope: Ex area signage
Market: Tank Terminals
Year: 2018
Engineer: Timon Keus

At the Standic Dordrecht terminal, Blomsma Signs & Safety has started marking out the EX areas in line with ATEX 153 (European Directive 1999/92/EC). Yellow demarcation is being applied to the ATEX areas, along with an “EX zone” text. Impression signs are also being put in place that give a clear overview of the section concerned plus the various EX zones (EX zone 0, EX zone 1 and EX zone 2). The EX symbol as described in the appendix to the European directive has been integrated on the impression signs. The combination of border demarcation plus impression signs makes sure that all the accessible entrances have the EX zone clearly marked. The engineering and the realization of the EX zone markings were handled entirely by Blomsma Signs & Safety, with the on-site assembly being done by our 3M™ Certified Safety Sign Installers™.

Standic has 230,500 m3 of storage capacity and 163 tanks in virtually any shape, size and type. There are storage tanks for liquids such as chemicals, biodiesel, basic oils and lubricants in large or small quantities, in stainless steel, coated or mild steel storage tanks.

If you would like to know more about Standic Dordrecht, visit the website.