Heerema Fabrication Group

Project overview Engineer
Client: Heerema Fabrication Group (Zwijndrecht)/Statoil Ronald van der Aar
Location: Oseberg Vestflanken 2
Scope: Total Signage project (engineering, production, installation)
Market: Offshore & Marine
Year: 2017
Engineer: Ronald van der Aar


At the end of 2016, Blomsma Signs & Safety was awarded a contract by Heerema Fabrication Group in Zwijndrecht for the engineering, production and installation of a complete package of safety signage for the topside of the Statoil Oseberg Vestflanken 2 Unmanned Wellhead platform.

As the basis for carrying out the work, Blomsma Signs & Safety developed a signage plan that was reviewed in detail by Heerema and Statoil. Because a clear picture was provided beforehand of the planned signage, the client knew immediately what they could expect. At the same time, the signage plan provided the basis for future maintenance.

One aspect of the safety signage installed is that it identifies all the pipework on the platform. The pipe marking (to NORSOK standards) has been produced and applied in line with the technical requirements drawn up by Statoil. The markings are made of stainless steel type 316 sheeting on which a PolyesPro® marking has been applied.

Following on from earlier projects that Blomsma Signs & Safety carried out for Statoil, the platform identification panels for the platform have been made using high-quality 3M™ Diamond Grade reflective film. As usual, the edges have been sealed using 3M™ Edge Sealant to prevent salt and water from affecting the film.

Installation of all the signage is done professionally by our Blomsma 3M™ Certified Safety Sign Installers™ so that all the relevant 3M™ product guarantees are assured.

Blomsma Signs & Safety realised the following components:

  • signage plan
  • escape route marking
  • evacuation plans
  • signage for firefighting and lifesaving equipment
  • composite signs
  • tank markings
  • NORSOK (Norwegian standards) pipe marking
  • platform identification panels
  • tag marking