TAQA Energy B.V.

Project overview Engineer
Client: TAQA Energy B.V. Pieter Heijboer
Location: Netherlands
Scope: Safety drawings, engineering signplan, production and installation safety signage
Market: Industry & Chemicals
Year: 2014-2015
Engineer: Pieter Heijboer

Underground gas storage using depleted reservoirs is a proven technology with hundreds of facilities operating safely all over the world. Health and safety is TAQA’s number one priority. For Gas Storage Bergermeer a complete and comprehensive safety signage system was an obvious choice, a choice that matches the safety culture of TAQA.

During construction, a detailed sign plan is engineered for the Boekelermeer (compressor station) and Bergermeer (wellsite) sites, which is realized after a thorough evaluation. Central to the plan was the link between regulatory requirements for health and safety signage, and the physical needs of the users, the target group for which the signage is implemented.

Much attention has been paid to the use of sustainable materials, with clear recognition and high visibility properties. The challenges TAQA presented the Blomsma project team are fulfilled, also by applying new techniques and materials. Examples include the evacuation plans, manufactured in lasting phosphorescent (glow in the dark) polyester. But also the courage of TAQA to go further than required by law, the substations are fully equipped with a phosphorescent safety way guidance system as described in ISO 16069.

The project team of Blomsma Signs & Safety has realized the engineering, manufacturing and installation, without accidents.

Blomsma realized the following items;