Our mission

Our mission is to ensure corporate social responsibility in our work. When doing so, continuous innovation in products and services must create a win-win situation for us and our clients. This helps guarantee the continuity of Blomsma Signs & Safety and allows us to give our clients more than what they had expected in terms of quality and solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Blomsma attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR policy is a key element in our mission and it is based on People, Planet and Profit.

People: people are central to our day-to-day operations. That is why Blomsma invests in the well-being and personal development of its employees and their surroundings. More than 10% of the staff belong to what is sometimes known as the ‘underprivileged’ part of the population. We actively participate in collaboration between education and businesses.

Planet: society is inextricably connected with the environment. Blomsma Signs & Safety is investing in environmentally friendly resources and capital in various ways, as part of its socially responsible business practices. Key elements of the policy include not only careful management of waste flows and using responsible and sustainable materials, but also cover energy management. This allows us to deal with the consequences for the environment in a responsible way.

Profit: Blomsma Signs & Safety also sees the term profit as signifying ‘prosperity’. Economic profit is required for responsible business operations and continuity, which should result in benefits for society too. Making a profit allows us to invest in people, resources and the market.