Our approach

Our approach

Blomsma Signs & Safety is a full-service provider of safety signage. In addition to our specialism in project-based implementation of safety signs, we are also a supplier of individual signage products such as evacuation plans, pipe markings and safety signs. The advantage of our own production capacity is that we can deliver product orders qualitatively and quickly anywhere in the world.


Our approach to a project-based realization of an integrated safety signage system is based on our ‘SignSecure™ method’. This approach starts with an inventory, carried out by specialists with experience in the industry. It is determined on-site what signage is needed and in what form and material. The communication of relevant safety information, desired behavior and actions is stimulated by targeted safety signage. Careful planning of signage based on peeling principles are logical building blocks for targeted visual communication. Partly through the use of composite signs and a clear, harmonious, and uniform appearance, we realize an orderly and effective signage system. If you would like to know more about our ‘SignSecure™ method’ and the steps we take to ensure a perfect project result, please contact us.


Sign plans and sign manuals

Inventory results of safety signage projects are translated by our draftsmen into sign plans. A management system directly linked to the plan drawing provides insight into the specified signage and installation costs. By bundling all floor plans a sign manual is created that is the basis for consultation with all stakeholders and final realization and eventually even a maintenance plan. Our expertise in engineering sign plans and sign manuals is a significant competitive advantage that our clients value highly.

Safety signage and maintenance contracts

Our product/service package also includes safety-related signage and working with maintenance contracts. Blomsma Signs & Safety guarantees that, upon completion, every order will comply with current legislation and regulations.

Why this approach?

The SignSecure™ method ensures that you, the client, have insight into and influence over the various steps in the safety signage project and see concrete results in terms of progress. As a client, you remain in control at all times and you and other stakeholders in your company or organisation have the assurance that the safety signs will be delivered in accordance with your own wishes and the applicable legislation and regulations. Our clients experience this concept as clear and complete. It is a proven process of inventory, reporting, presentation, production and installation by a skilled and qualified team of engineers and technicians.