Based on our knowledge and experience in safety signage, project management and the applicable regulations and standards in the various markets in which we operate, we can offer our customers a complete range of engineering services. From site-survey and GAP-study to work preparation and carrying out maintenance rounds for your signage, our engineers offer you customized services so that we are your trusted partner who not only delivers safety signs, but ensures that your site is and remains fully ‘compliant’.

Site survey and GAP study

The start of an engineering project is often a site-survey where the current state of your safety signage is tested against the applicable laws, regulations and standards in your industry. Our team does a recording of your current signage in terms of positions, numbers, types and condition. The result, your wishes and the requirements of the laws and regulations are the starting point of the signage project that can start with a GAP study. In this GAP study we describe the desired situation in the field of safety signaling, we analyze the results of the site survey and compare them in order to come to a structured plan to improve your signaling and make it compliant.

Compliance with laws, regulations and standards

Blomsma is not only well aware of the applicable laws, regulations and standards for safety signs in your industry, but also actively participates in their creation. We are active in several ISO working groups that aim to develop standards for the recognition and global harmonization of safety symbols (and signage). The safety signs we supply therefore comply with all applicable (inter)national standards.

Technical elaboration, design and standards

Based on the results of the site survey and your requirements, the inventory results are translated by our draftsmen into sign plans. A design model is also determined that forms the basis for the design of the sign to be delivered. Where applicable, we will also always tie in here with the established corporate identity of your company or brand. The starting points for the design and the types of signalling can be laid down in a Safety Signage Standard. This standard forms the basis for the consistent and harmonious implementation of the correct safety signage at multiple locations of your company.

Not always the wishes / requirements or circumstances are standard. Through our years of experience, we can offer customization where needed.

Materials, installation and maintenance

Choosing the right materials is an essential part of any successful safety signage project. Blomsma Signs & Safety works exclusively with the highest quality materials for fasteners, signs and pipe markings. Quality translates here into recognizability, size, visibility and placement in relation to the users’ field of vision. Reliable information transfer through safety signage therefore depends entirely on the quality and durability of the materials used.

Our engineers select the right materials based on the application and desired service life and ensure proper planning and work preparation. In order to ensure that your safety signs remain effective and compliant even after the project has been completed, we offer maintenance contracts whereby we update, supplement and, if necessary, extend your safety signs on the basis of periodic checks in the event of new requirements.