Sustainability and socially responsible

It is our mission to do business in a socially responsible way. Just as we translate safety policy into effective safety signage, we translate our CSR policy into the three spearheads People, Planet and Profit.

  • People: people are central to our daily business operations. That is why Blomsma invests in the well-being and personal development of its employees and their environment. More than 10% of our workforce consists of people distanced from the employment market. In addition, we actively participate in cooperation between education and business. This results in the fact that we very frequently offer internships, training-on-the-job and work & learn programs.
  • Planet: the environment and society are inextricably linked. As a committed entrepreneur, the Blomsma Group invests in environmentally friendly resources and capital in various ways. Careful management of waste flows, use of responsible and sustainable materials, but also energy management are spearheads of this policy. This enables us to deal responsibly with the impact on the environment and the surroundings.
  • Profit: the Blomsma Group also translates the term profit into “prosperity”. Economic profit is necessary for responsible business operations and continuity, which must result in social profit. By making a profit, we can invest in people, resources and the market environment.

Sustainability in practice

When we look more closely at our ‘Planet’ principle, we arrive at our contribution to sustainable business operations. This policy is made concrete by:

  • Careful separation of waste streams
  • Use of sustainable materials
    • Printing on FSC paper
    • Use of PVC free materials for signs
    • UV technology for printing
  • Energy management & CO2 emissions
    • Our production halls are conditioned against energy loss
    • Escape route signage is done by after lights instead of electrically driven where possible
    • Part of our fleet is electric

Our contribution to a circular chain

As part of our sustainability policy, we want to contribute to the achievement of a circular chain of raw materials and end products that are recycled. In doing so, we are taking the following steps:

Step 1: A flexible and dismountable design using sustainable materials

For signage we use the material ‘pet-g’ at Blomsma, this is a PVC free material and is offered in a separate waste stream. The basic panels are made of foamed PVC and are recycled (remelted) in the regular mechanical way.

Step 2: Agreements on reuse

In the cases that existing, current signage is still qualitatively in order, we can in these cases only change the print, thereby preserving the sign and this has a smaller ecological footprint.

Step 3: Guarantees of the reuse of materials

In order to be able to determine whether a material is eligible for reuse, it is important that we have a picture of the material we have in our hands. The research method and the degree to which research must be carried out depend, among other things, on the nature of the application. After thorough investigation, we can determine whether the material is suitable for reuse and falls within the requirements and guarantees.

Step 4: Trying to achieve infinite circulation

PET-G is a material that can be reused in many different products, for example the food industry as packaging, the mobility industry as plastic parts and it can be processed in electronics. These are just a few examples and the possibilities are endless with this material. This ensures that it can be recycled again and again.

Social return

Social Return is a core value of our company and management and is close to the hearts of everyone at Blomsma. More than 10% of our workforce belongs to the group of people distanced from the labor market. In addition, we actively participate in cooperation between education and business. This results in the fact that we very frequently offer work placements, training-on-the-job and work&learn programs.

All this has resulted in Blomsma being allowed to carry the ‘SEBO quality mark’ for many years. The Blomsma Group was one of the companies from Zoetermeer that received the SEBO quality mark again (2021) after an extensive audit.