Materials and colours

In wet, oily, dusty, or greasy environments, Blomsma Sings & Safety offers the right covers. Several grids are available and numerous choices of colours and a variety of materials and sizes. Regular cleaning will keep the covers free of debris and looking like new. Most household or industrial methods can be
used. Detergents and mild degreasers work well. For stubborn deposits, use a brush with stiff bristles. High-pressure heated water (660 psi, as used in food processing plants) may be used in industrial environments. Snow and ice can be removed by a broom or a plastic shovel. Salt, calcium chloride or other melting agents can be used on compacted snow and ice.

Grid Type

In addition to steel and pultruded FRP composite (fibreglass) covers, vinyl sheeting and roll material are available. Vinyl covers are adhesive materials that can be easily applied, which makes it ideal for use on curved tank roofs. Our grid selection for anti-slip covers and panels consists of:

  • extra coarse (offshore, maritime and industrial use)
  • fine coarse (commercial and residential use)


Phosphorescent works

When darkness falls, you can light the way to safety while simultaneously providing antislip protection underfoot for indoor and outdoor applications. Phosphorescent traction covers for steps, ladders and walkways have been demonstrated to remain visible for up to 20 hours in the dark after the light source is


When used appropriately, the use of the right colours can provide ever-present information and warnings of hazards which are essential to safety at work, and in some instances may be independent of language. Each with its own meaning and purpose, we can provide anti-slip materials in each of the colours below.