Stair noses

Stair nosing is a panel that protrudes over the edge of the stair, and provides friction between the bottom of a foot and the top of the stair. This extra friction is designed to prevent slipping while using the stairs, and can be made from various materials. The main benefit of stair nosing is the cost effectiveness; stair
noses are easy to install on existing stairs, eliminating lengthy renovations or the need for entirely new stairs. Beyond the standard grip material used in stair noses, high visibility options are also available. These make the edges of the stairs visible to those using them, and help buildings comply with various
safety regulations.

We offer stair noses in a variety of materials and colours for industrial and safety applications. Colour and markings can be used to attract attention, designate caution, and communicate safety information. Blomsma offers a standard range of FRP stair noses, stainless steel or galvanized steel noses can be manufactured on demand.