Walk way covers

Walkways can be marked by painting them or covering them with Hi-traction walkway covers. These are available for both indoor and outdoor use and are ideal for workplaces, ramps, stair landings, mezzanines, locker rooms, kitchen and gallery floors. In short: any situation where you want secure footing on a high-traffic surface. Blomsma offers various solutions in which e.g. escape routes are implemented in the walkway system. The possibilities include using single or duo tone colours, escape direction arrows or even safety symbols.

Blomsma Signs & Safety can help you make walkways as visible and anti-slip as possible, using colours, text and/or symbols to increase the visual safety. We offer a wide range of colours and materials of which you can see a small standard selection below. Blomsma offers a standard range of FRP covers, stainless steel or galvanized steel covers can be manufactured on demand.