Blomsma continues the reconstruction of safety signs at Gate terminal

Geplaatst op 23 December 2019

Gate terminal B.V. has awarded Blomsma Signs & Safety the follow-up phases of the safety signage reconstruction.

Gate terminal attaches significant importance to the environment and health and safety, thus operating a strict policy. As a result of this policy, Blomsma Signs & Safety started in early 2015 an inventory at Gate terminal B.V. with the aim of identifying which safety signage is present and required. Based on this study, a signage plan has been drawn up and priorities have been determined for the reconstruction of a safety signage system.

The reconstruction is necessary because of declining performance of the signage that was installed during the construction phase of the terminal. Optimization with regard to the use of materials, colour fastness of the safety signs and a durable and safe mounting method is desirable, wherein the visibility of the safety signage is key.

In these final phases of the project, materials are used for safety signs that are also suitable for the coastal environment. The project includes the replacement and signage for fire extinguishing equipment, rescue equipment and escape routes in accordance with the Working Conditions Directive and ISO 3864 and ISO 7010: 2019 standards. Various evacuation plans will also be revised in accordance with the most recent version of the relevant standards (NEN1414-1: 2019, ISO 23601: 2009).

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