Blomsma Signs & Safety launches DIN2403 pipe marking

Geplaatst op 11 November 2014

Blomsma Signs & Safety launched a product line in accordance with DIN2403: 2007–05 for pipe marking. The DIN2403 is used on the German market and is distinguished by a number of specific features. DIN2403 requires that the pipe markings display the medium color, the direction of flow, medium name or chemical formula, and where relevant the GHS hazard symbols according to CLP.

In addition to these attributes, also temperature and pressure may be displayed. Liquids and gases also get additional color cadres, indicating whether the medium is flammable (red color cadres) or non-flammable (black color codes).

Blomsma manufactures these pipe markings according to a 3M (certified), production method and with 3M materials. A UV inhibiting top laminate protects the image against the most common basic chemicals and contributes to a durable marker with an expected life of more than 15 years for both offshore and onshore locations.

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