Wayland Energy starts optimizing safety signage

Geplaatst op 23 December 2021

Wayland Energy starts optimizing safety signage for its geothermal site in Bergschenhoek. Within the geothermal sector, the safety culture is strongly in development. Visual communication by means of safety signs plays a prominent role in this. The sector is now responsible for the innovation and development of the display of EX zones in 2D (top view) ATEX Info Point signs.

On the site, Blomsma Signs & Safety has started implementing pipe and tank marking (according to ISO 20560), various safety zone signs and H&S signs.

Did you know that Trias Westland’s geothermal location was the first location in the Netherlands to be provided with markings in accordance with ISO 20560-1? Based on this, many other geothermal locations in the Netherlands have been outfitted with identical signage. Wayland Energy is following in the same harmonized footprint.

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