Platform Identification Signs

What are platform identification signs?

Platform identification signs (or platform ID signs) comprise the name of a platform or other offshore installation, ensuring that the name of the platform or installation can easily be seen from the sea or from the air. This identification sign must be clearly visible from any normal angle and in all lighting situations and weather conditions. Clearly recognisable ID signs can help prevent wrong deck landings, as a study by CHC in 2015 demonstrated.

This means that platform identification signs are the best way of ensuring identification of:

  • drilling platforms
  • gas and production platforms (fixed platforms)
  • FPSOs and FRSUs
  • transformer platforms (for wind energy)
  • offshore wind turbines

Visibility and durability in extreme weather conditions

Given the sometimes extreme weather conditions in the areas where platforms like these operate, the demands placed on platform identification sign panels are high. In order to optimize the lifespan, Blomsma Signs & Safety uses high-quality 3M™ Diamond Grade reflective foil when manufacturing the panels. All ‘open’ connections are sealed with a 3M™ Edge Sealant to prevent salt water from affecting the foil sheeting.

Blomsma can personalize every platform identification sign so that it shows both the name of the platform and the company logo. Platform identification signs are attached to a stainless steel frame to protect them against the winds at sea.

High quality

Blomsma Signs & Safety uses high-quality 3M™ products for manufacturing platform identification signs, allowing us to give a five-year warranty for them. Blomsma has “Platinum” status in the new 3M™ Select Graphic Provider classification, the highest level for signage companies. This means that our Blomsma Signs & Safety 3M™ Certified Sign Installers™ have to meet strict requirements relating to knowledge and assembly methods.

This knowledge and experience are your guarantee that the platform identification signs we deliver meet the toughest demands and comply with international legislation and regulations.