Anti-slip marking panels

Obstacles and height differences that pose a risk or are a hazardous situation are marked with an oblique shaded yellow/black or red/white marker, also called Anti-slip marking panels. Access to a risk or hazard area can also be marked with a yellow/black line, in combination with safety signage.

Anti-slip marking panels black yellow by Blomsma Signs & Safety

“Places where there is a risk of colliding with obstacles, of falling or of objects falling should be marked with alternating yellow and black, or red and white stripes in built-up zones in the undertaking to which workers have access during their work.” - COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 92/58/EEC Annex V 1.1

However, marking these situations should not become a new risk in itself, due to inadequate implementation. Standard marking tapes are often not suitable for good adhesion to floors and can even become slippery. Also, tapes and coating on grid floors cannot be applied or have no effect due to too little surface area on which the marking can be visibly depicted. A common challenge in the industrial, offshore and maritime sectors. It is precisely for these situations that our anti-slip marking panels offer a solution.

Whether you want to mark your steps, level differences or access to a danger zone, our anti-slip marking panels ensure that they are immediately noticeable.

Anti-slip marking panels black yellow by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Our anti-slip marking panels can also be used to mark fire extinguishers and rescue equipment, such as floors at emergency shower stations. Here, a green/white shaded non-slip panel on the floor has both an identification function and a preventive function.

Anti-slip marking panels in green/white for industry to mark height differences

We provide anti-slip marking panels that fit exactly in the areas you want to mark. Blomsma Signs & Safety has extensive experience in the installation of a wide variety of marking panels, for example for height differences in landings, risk zones on service floors and steps in emergency and eye shower set-ups. Anti-slip marking panels provide security where it is most needed.

Anti-slip marking panels in black/yellow for industry to mark height differences

Our marking panels can be supplied in various color compositions or material types. As standard, the panels are available in fiberglass-reinforced polyester, which is suitable for intensive use and has a long lifespan. The panels are glued or mechanically fixed, for installation on grid floors, special fixing clamps are available.