Anti-slip stair and walkway panels

Anti-slip panels

Anti-slip stair and walkway panels are practical, functional solutions to improve grip on a wide variety of surfaces. The panels are suitable for level concrete and stone surfaces, slatted floors and flat steel and wooden parts. The advantage of using anti-slip panels is a fast realization and the multifunctional use. Fixing can be done by mechanical fastening techniques and gluing techniques. The application of innovative materials such as glass fiber reinforced polyester offer specific possibilities in shapes which enable the use on ladder rungs. Our anti-slip panels are a durable and smart solution for achieving quick results when you want to get rid of slips quickly.

"Outdoor workplaces (special provisions) : When workers are employed at workstations outdoors, such workstations must as far as possible be organized so that workers: (d) cannot slip or fall" - COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 89/654/EEC

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here are multiple grids available non-skid stair and walkway panels and numerous choices of colors, materials and sizes. Standard colors are safety yellow, black, brown and gray. Depending on the environment, it is recommended that the panels be done in black or gray, possibly accented with safety colors. In addition to the standard colors, there is a wide choice of shades and designs.

Regular cleaning of anti-slip stair and walkway panels will keep them free of dirt and looking like new. Most household or industrial cleaning methods can be used for this purpose; detergents and mild degreasers work well. For stubborn deposits, we recommend using a stiff-bristled brush. High pressure heated water (660 psi) can be used for cleaning in industrial settings. Snow and ice can be removed with a brush or plastic shovel. Salt, calcium chloride or other melting agents are used on compacted snow and ice.

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