Anti-slip stair noses

What are anti-slip stair nosings

Anti-slip stair noses for more grip, are angled corner profiles which are applied to the nose of stair treads and thus provide the necessary grip when walking up a staircase. The difference with anti-slip stair tread panels is that the step is only covered at the level of the stair nosing. Anti-slip stair nosings are manufactured in fiberglass-reinforced polyester with a ceramic grain.

Non-slip stair noses for more grip by Blomsma Signs & Safety

A major advantage of anti-slip stair noses are their cost-effectiveness; they are easy to install on existing stairs, eliminating the need for lengthy renovations or even the installation of new stairs or stair treads. Anti-slip stair nosings have a long life span and can be used in a wide variety of environments, even to heavy use in the offshore industry.

Anti-slip stair noses for more grip