Anti-slip walkway panels

Anti-slip walkway panels are panels used to mark a route for pedestrians in an installation, building or ship. They can be used to indicate a mandatory route, a route where special rules or exemptions apply (a PPE free walkway) or safe routes (separated from traffic or equipment, or routes to emergency exits and assembly points). Anti-slip walkway panels are most useful on surfaces where there is a possible risk of slipping (steel decking) or on steel grid floors. An additional benefit of using anti-slip panels on slatted floors is the prevention of falling objects.

However, anti-slip walkway panels are also common in residential and office buildings. Concrete gallery floors can become a potential hazard for nasty falls and slides due to algae deposits or weather conditions. Pedestrian walkways on slopes in parking garages or logistics warehouses, for example, are also frequently fitted with anti-slip walkway panels.

Walkways can be marked by painting them or by providing them with anti-slip panels. These are available for both indoor and outdoor use and are ideal for workplaces, driveways, stairwells and production areas; in any place and situation where there is a lot of walking. Through the use of safety colors and color combinations, the anti-slip walkway panels can seamlessly integrate with the safety signage system, especially in work environments where the meaning of these colors are commonly known. For example, mandatory walkways can be done in blue, possibly with white borders. The addition of symbols and texts is also among the possibilities.

Anti-slip walkway panels can be excellently combined with anti-skid step panels the anti-slip marking panels. The double function of the panels with anti-slip surface, the use of (safety) colors and symbols and a long life span make this an indispensable element of many a safety policy.

Blomsma Signs & Safety implements anti-slip walkways in the most diverse locations and situations. The panels are supplied in glass-fibre reinforced polyester as standard. We provide appropriate advice on the type of material, use of color, anti-slip value and take care of the complete implementation.


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