Building coding

Building coding for quick identification

Building identification signage is used for rapid identification of buildings and installations on sites where several buildings are present. The building identification signs also act as an orientation and support traffic flows and emergency services in reaching their destination. Building codes are often in a proportional format to ensure readability over longer distances. A simple design and the use of simplistic fonts or a numerical designation ensure that the codes are optimally legible and visible. The building codes can optimally inform emergency services in the event of a calamity, certainly when a symbolic style is applied and are also repeated in site overview maps and safety plans. This (systematic) way of informing is also optimal for controlling goods flows such as parcel and other delivery services.

Building coding and wayfinding

Building signs for identification of buildings and installations are ‘final destinations’ in routes of the signage and wayfinding on a site. When the wayfinding and signage on the site has been implemented with house style features, the indications on buildings can be made in the same style. House style colours, fonts and style elements are designed without adversely affecting readability and recognizability. A well-planned combination of colorways, contrasts and size plays a prominent role here. Various ways and materials are available for a unique, clear and recognizable appearance. From large, oversized letters from facade foil to heavy steel signs with folded edges and a high reflection value. With the expertise in the decorative sign market combined with our security-oriented approach, building identification signs become unique identification solutions with maximum effect.