Clearance height markings

What are clearance height markings?

Clearance height markings and crash barriers (also called height limiters or height restriction bars) are markings which indicate the maximum permitted height for a vehicle to enter. The clearance height is firstly indicated with a traffic sign which symbolically shows the height in numbers. Clearance height markings are markings which, by informing the maximum permissible height, serve to prevent damage to installations and buildings. The clearance height is the available height between the roadway and the structure, installation, tunnel or building object to be passed.

Clearance height markings and collision protection

Clearance height marking and collision protection

Tunnels and underpasses are marked at the bottom with a red and white checkered marking. At delicate underpasses such as pipe bridges and installations at industrial and (petro)chemical sites, clearance gantries are placed as an immediate safety measure. The clearance portals are placed several meters in front of the underpass and are equipped with a (freely) hanging red/white checkered marking bar. These marking bars can also be attached to existing construction parts and installations. If a passing vehicle is too high it will first hit the height limiting beam of the clearance portal and thus be alerted. These gantries are an effective means of preventing damage and calamities.

Height limiter and collision protection for company premises

Focus on clearance height marking

Blomsma Signs & Safety realizes the entire process of clearance height markings, clearance height portals and height limiters. We advise on height marking, take measurements and take care of the entire delivery and installation on site. The use of durable and highly reflective materials guarantees visibility for a long period. As standard we apply 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ reflective material for drive-through height markings, in line with our traffic signs (LINK to traffic signs page).

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