Line and Floor Marking

The purpose of line and floor marking

Line and road/floor marking for industrial sites and warehouses is a powerful means of guiding traffic flows. Highly visible lines give traffic participants a quick view of traffic routes, obstacles, areas to be kept clear and also demarcations of special areas such as risk zones. Line and floor marking is also used for logistic and production processes, such as framing for placing goods, thus contributing to an efficient flow of goods and production and promoting housekeeping. And good housekeeping in turn improves the work environment and safety. There are many benefits that can be listed where line marking, road marking and floor markings can contribute. Roadway marking and lining enables an operator to remotely control the flow of traffic in the desired direction.

“Where the use and equipment of rooms so requires for the protection of workers, traffic routes must be clearly identified” – European Directive 89/654/EEC


Line and road marking for industrial sites and warehouses.

Applications of line marking, road marking and floor marking

Line and road/floor marking for business premises and warehouses is used to represent boundaries of traffic routes, surfaces and areas. Dangerous areas and obstacles are also marked with lines and floor marking. By using continuous lines in clearly visible colors, a visual separation is quickly made visible. We recommend that the use of color be in line with the safety colors as described in the ISO 3864. This will further strengthen and harmonize the entire (safety) signage system. Practical examples of line marking, road marking and floor marking used in both indoor and outdoor environments include;

  • Line marking of traffic routes and separations in traffic routes
  • Alignment of walking route paths
  • Marking the boundaries of high-risk areas
  • Marking of obstacles and dangerous locations
  • Marking of traffic intersections
  • Horizontal marking of traffic signs
  • Horizontal marking of safety symbols
  • Line marking and labeling for goods
  • Marking for areas to be kept clear

Line and road marking for industrial sites and warehouses by Blomsma Signs & Safety

“Where the use and equipment of rooms so requires for the protection of workers, traffic routes for vehicles must be clearly identified by continuous stripes in a clearly visible color” – European Directive 92/58/EEC


Materials and design of floor marking

Line and floor marking is located on the floor and can be walked on in many cases. In addition to visibility and longevity, it is essential that the lines, road markings and floor markings do not pose a risk of slippage. Materials used for marking on floors and roads are made so that they are not slippery and provide sufficient grip. In specific situations, additives are added to coatings to achieve a non-slip surface. When paths, small areas and special substrates are both marked and need an anti-slip surface, anti-slip tapes and anti-slip panels can help.

2-Component Floor Coating

The 2-component coatings come in Epoxy and PU bases. Depending on the type and condition of the surface, a choice is made for the type of coating to be applied. These 2-component coatings are suitable for industrial sites, commercial buildings, parking garages and logistics centers. This coating can be used as a coating for the entire floor, paths, lines, symbols and texts. The coating is applied mechanically for overlays and lines. By means of clear varnish or UV lacquer the life span can be extended considerably.

Thermoplast (outdoor application)

Thermoplast is a durable and high-quality material that is used for lines and figures. Thermoplast is applied both mechanically and manually on asphalt, concrete and pavement. This durable lineation is available in a highly reflective version, with which optimal visibility in various weather conditions is achieved.

Outdoor floor marking for industrial sites

Self-adhesive films

Self-adhesive films are used for temporary and semi-permanent floor marking. The films can be provided with UV-inhibiting and non-slip laminates. Self-adhesive films have many options in the designs and graphics.

3M™ Stamark™ (removable) Road Marking Tape

The 3M™ Stamark™ road marking tape is a flexible marking material for applying traffic lines on works where (temporary) lines are required and can be removed. This tape can be applied to most asphalt and concrete surfaces using basic and automatic application equipment. The 3M™ Stamark™ has a high skid resistance and can be supplied in standard and highly reflective properties.

Line marking plan and standards

When the work involves more than just a single line on site, we advise you to draw up a layout plan in advance. A line marking plan clearly indicates where which lines are to be applied with colors, sizes and specifications. Often the alignment plan is part of the traffic plan or wayfinding plan. The creation of a layout plan is preceded by an inventory. During this inventory the wishes are recorded, the (logistic) processes and traffic flows are examined, the possibilities and impossibilities and the type of flooring. A line marking plan offers the possibility to set up and visualize the line marking as a system before a line has been drawn on location. A technical (company) standard with a definition of the type of lineation, colors, execution and formats can be developed separately or as part of the line marking plan.

professional line marking factory hall

Line and floor marking project outlined

The impact of a well-executed lining system is immediate; the colors and delineations have a strong visual character and influence human behavior. A roadway marking project can seem like a daunting task, but when it is carefully prepared it quickly becomes simpler and more feasible. We supervise the entire process for lines and road markings for business premises and warehouses from A-Z and divide the implementation into practical steps; design, planning, compliance testing with legislation, material advice, guidance and application. In doing so, we make the step to making a visible difference as easy as possible. A single line or a complete floor coating with walkways and traffic routes, we line it up.