Platform Identification Signs

What are platform identification signs?

Platform Identification Signs (or Platform ID Signs) are designations that represent the name of an offshore platform, installation, artificial island or mobile offshore drilling rig. The platform identification signs ensure that the name of the platform or installation can be seen from the sea and from the air. These identification signs need to be visible from all approach angles, light situations and weather conditions.

“Save where the nature of the structure makes it impracticable to do so, the duty holder shall ensure that the offshore installation -
(a)displays its name or other designation in such a manner as to make the installation readily identifiable on approach by sea or air; and
(b)displays no name, letters or figures likely to be confused with the name or other designation of another offshore installation”
- The Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (Management and Administration) Regulations 1995 No. 738, regulation 19.

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Platform Identification Signs

Clearly recognizable Platform Identifcation Signs contribute to the prevention of so-called “wrong deck landings” as a 2015 study by CHC found. The visual aspect of a platform identification sign directly contributes to the identification of the relevant installations from the sea and from the air; the method of placement, size and execution are therefore critical factors.

“(a) Identification panels shall be displayed showing the registered name or other designation of the structure (vessel) in black letters/figures at least 1 metre high on a yellow background and shall be so arranged that at least one panel is visible from any direction.
(b) The panels must be illuminated, unless the letters/figures are on a retro-reflective background.
(c) Retro-reflective material used for identification panels shall be of an equivalent standard to British Standard 873 covering requirements for the manufacture of road signs”
– Department of Energy & Climate Change DECC 04/11

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Platform Identification Signs

Platform Identification Signs are applied to:

  • Drilling Platforms and Installations
  • Oil & Gas Production Platforms and Wellhead Platforms
  • FPSO’s and FRSU’s
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Platforms
  • Offshore Substation (OSS) Platforms
  • Offshore NUIs / Monopiles
  • Offshore Wind Turbines (Transition Pieces)
  • Artificial Islands
  • Offshore measuring stations and meteorological installations

Quality adjusted to weather conditions

Given the sometimes extreme weather conditions in the areas where these types of platforms operate, a lot is asked of the Platform Identification Sign panels. To ensure the most optimal lifetime, Blomsma Signs & Safety uses high-quality 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ reflective films in the manufacture of these panels. To minimise any adverse effects of salt water on the foil, all ‘open’ joints are sealed with 3M™ Edge Sealants. The platform identification signs are applied to various base materials such as Aluminum and Stainless Steel (SS) 316L.

Platform Identification Reflective

Our approach

Blomsma Signs & Safety uses high quality 3M™ products to manufacture Platform Identification Signs allowing us to offer a 5-year warranty. Blomsma belongs to the highest level of sign companies with the “Platinum” status in the new 3M™ Select Graphic Provider. This means that our Blomsma Signs & Safety 3M™ Certified Sign Installers™ meet strict requirements with regard to knowledge and installation. From A to Z we can take care of the realization of the identification panels; design, manufacturing, worldwide delivery and if desired on-site installation.

Our years of knowledge and experience are your guarantee that the Platform Identification Signs we deliver meet the highest requirements and international laws and regulations. Our platform identification signs are a concept in terms of life span and visibility; we put your installation in the picture.