PolyesPro® pipe marking

Why PolyesPro® pipe marking?

Our clients wanted to mark pipes with a material with a higher temperature resistance, a longer life span (+10 years) and with the preservation of the colors (color fastness) of the marking. To meet this need, Blomsma Signs & Safety, in close collaboration with 3M™, has developed a product line for the marking of pipes; PolyesPro® pipe marking. The PolyesPro® pipe marking is a sandwich of a Polyester base material on which the image is printed and provided with a PVC-free polymer protective laminate. The base material has a halogen-free adhesive backing so it can also be used on stainless steel pipes. The protective properties of the laminate, such as UV inhibitors and basic chemical repellents, guarantee a long life. PolyesPro® contains no PVC (vinyl chloride).

Unique features

PolyesPro® pipe marking has a number of unique features made possible by 3M™’s innovations in adhesives and color fastness. The main feature is an acrylic-based flowable adhesive layer with a thickness of over 120 microns. This allows the markings to be applied to virtually all types of pipes, even painted pipes with a slight texture. This special adhesive layer ensures that the surface between the marker and the pipe is filled, if applied correctly. The result is optimal adhesion to the substrate and thus CUS (Corrosion Under Sticker) is prevented. The halogen-free adhesive layer ensures that no reactions occur between the adhesive and the pipe surface due to environmental factors or catalysts.

“PolyesPro® pipe marking material has been developed to meet the needs of companies that demand the highest possible quality and durability for their pipe markings”

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The use of a 3M™ configured machine park and specialized inks ensure extremely long color fastness of the pipe marking. This guarantees a quality information transfer, the markings remain legible and recognizable by color and safety symbols used.

Highest quality pipe marking in the market

Quality aspects of pipe marking

Not or insufficiently marking pipelines goes against the applicable laws and regulations. Unfamiliarity with the contents of pipes can entail great risks for employees, visitors and emergency services. It should therefore be possible to assume that this information is always available; recognizable and legible. However, there are quite a few factors that can cause quality problems in pipe markings. Factors that not only influence the quality of the pipe marking but also the influence of pipe marking on your pipes.

White Paper Quality Pipe Marking Blomsma Signs & Safety

In our white paper 'Pipe marking, quality aspects for reliable information transfer', we describe the most common problems with the quality of pipe markings and also show you how it can be done.


PolyesPro pipe marking for marking pipes

Flexible production process

All possible layouts and combinations of media representations and safety symbols (according to GHS and ISO7010) are possible due to our flexible production process, as well as the integration of additional information such as pipe numbers, from-to indication and any other desired system information. We produce markings according to all applicable national and international laws and standards as well as company standards. PolyesPro® pipe markings are standard produced and delivered in rolls, delivery of individual markings is of course also possible. PolyesPro® pipe markings are standard available according ISO 20560-1, ISO 14726, NORSOK L004, DIN 2403 and BS 4810.

Field of application and types of pipes

The area of application is very diverse, from the offshore and maritime market to (petro)chemical plants and tank terminals.  PolyesPro® pipe markings are UV and scratch resistant and resistant to extreme weather conditions and base chemicals. PolyesPro® markings can be applied to insulated piping, painted piping, glass, plastic and stainless steel piping. When reliability of your piping system and its markings are essential, PolyesPro® is the logical choice.