Safety area & composite signs

What are composite signs and safety signs?

Compound signs, also known as safety signs, are signs with combined information on hazards, prohibitions and commandments. Safety area & composite signs inform employees, vendors and visitors about hazards, prohibitions and commandments. If there are multiple hazards, prohibitions and commandments to communicate then a composite sign is the most effective. The information is arranged in an accessible manner on a sign tailored to the situation. The signs can be supplemented with practical, succinctly displayed information, such as a title of an area, facility or space that is provided with a composite sign.

“Multiple sign formats combine two or more ISO 7010 safety signs and associated supplementary on the same rectangular carrier to convey safety information about two or more potential hazards on a single sign” - ISO/TS 20559

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Almost every location has its risk areas or rooms, installations and environments where specific rules apply. For example, an area with electrical voltage or the presence of hazardous substances. No smoking or phone calls are allowed. The intensity and degree of risk of these areas are different in industry and chemistry than in a water treatment plant or, for example, on a ship or in an office environment.

It is possible to design the composite signs according to a corporate identity, however, corporate identity use is subordinate to the safety message. The use of corporate identity elements such as a company logo and colors can contribute to a link with the safety policy and appearance of the company.

Access signs for factory premises by Blomsma Signs & Safety

On arrival at a location there is often an access sign on which primary house style features are combined with route information and symbols to display the outer shell of safety information, for example a maximum speed. See also "Access signs".

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On each sign, sorting in order of importance is required; first the hazard symbols, then prohibitions, then commandments, according to ISO 3864 guidelines. Then any additional information such as a substance recognition number or specific additional instructions.

Composite signs and safety signage system

Composite signs are an essential element of the safety signage system. By displaying the various boundaries of hazard areas with related prohibitions and commandments with composite signs, relevant information can be communicated in a targeted manner. This can prevent an excess of safety symbols per sign. Especially in industrial and complex environments, this peeling principle is a distinguished method of achieving clear safety signage. The design of the system is preferably laid down in a sign plan.

Composite signs for safety signage


Composite signs or safety signs can be used for a variety of applications. They can also be combined with barriers and lines. Composite signs are used for such things as:

Entrances and site accesses; Signs at entrances to a site or installation
V loading areas; Loading site signs signs at loading and unloading points for chemicals
Chemical and gas cylinder storage areas; Signs at chemical and gas cylinder storage points, combined with GHS
Safety Zones; Signs indicating specific safety zones or areas;

  • Confined space signs
  • Risk area signs
  • Technical and electrical area signs
  • Roof access signs
  • Battery limit signs
  • Hygiene area signs
  • (Plot/area) Impression signs
  • Explosion danger zones / EX zone signs

In a system design where signage is integrated, an optimal situation is achieved. A uniform style, combined in comprehensibly designed signage leads to focal points of information provision. An excess of information points or signs can thus be avoided; clear, pragmatic, efficient and manageable.

From delivery to systematic implementation

Blomsma Signs & Safety specializes in the design of composite signs, the design of safety signage systems and the in-house production of composite signs. The assembly and maintenance of safety signs is carried out by several teams of trained and certified assemblers.

We ensure that your composite signs comply with applicable laws and regulations, and display the intended safety information as clearly as possible.

We pay due attention to the materials used for the signs in relation to their use and environment. For example, we primarily use high-quality retro-reflective films to significantly increase the visibility of the signs, both in day and night situations.

We are ready, for deliveries from a single safety sign to complete implementation and maintenance of composite signs in a safety signage system.