Safety plans

What are safety plans?

A safety plan is a floor plan that contains safety information about a site, installation, platform, vessel or building. Whereas evacuation plans are intended for the users of a building present, a safety plan is important for emergency services and preventive and management purposes. Safety plans contain more information than evacuation plans. For example, the presence of hazardous materials is indicated using the NFPA hazard diamond. But also information about tank contents, primary escape routes, extinguishing agents and hydrants, approach routes for emergency services, connection points for extinguishing lines, etc. The information on a safety plan is often linked to a fire department attack plan or a company’s occupancy permit. A safety plan offers more depth and specialist information.

Safety plans conform NEN1414 by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Based on risk and control

Safety plans are based on risks and the resources available for fire prevention, firefighting, calamity control, escape and evacuation. This information is obtained from the management plans, safety policies and plans and thorough planning, possibly preceded by an inventory.

“The structure and execution of the plans is the result of a thorough inventory of risks and the relevant facilities for fire control, damage control, escape and embarkation” – ISO 17631

More about ISO 17631

Simplified and understandable

Safety plans, fire attack plans and other safety drawings are produced from architectural drawings. These drawings are adapted to a simplified and understandable style. For specific applications, doors and walls are depicted in a distinctive, distinctive manner. For example, on safety plans and firefighting plans for the maritime sector. The use of text in the drawing is minimized, only relevant information is displayed. The use of symbols is in line with regulations from legislation and standards, with this the connection with physical safety signs can be made.

Our services

Blomsma Signs & Safety makes safety policy visible in accordance with national or international standards. We produce safety signs according to NEN, DIN and ISO standards and IMO / Solas legislation. With our extensive knowledge of safety symbols, design, technical drawing and the application of the legal framework, we ensure optimal safety drawings.

  • Safety plans
  • Usage permit drawings
  • Accessibility maps
  • Access route drawings
  • Fire control plans
  • Means of escape plans
  • Life-saving appliances plans
  • Damage control plans
  • Kill cards

Safety plans conform NEN1414 by Blomsma Signs & Safety