Safety Signage

Why safety signage?

Safety signage is a visual communication method for displaying important information about potential risks, protective measures and also life-saving resources. Safety signage is the first choice of devices to influence people’s behavior due to the strong power of visual language. With the aim of increasing intrinsic safety; preventing incidents and creating a safe working environment. An environment where safety signage stimulates positive and professional behaviour and provides clarity. Blomsma Signs & Safety implements safety signage on a project basis and always on the basis of the applicable laws, regulations and standards.

“Safety signage are markings designed to warn of hazards, indicate mandatory actions. Also the use of personal protective equipment, prohibit actions or objects, indicate the locations of fire fighting and rescue equipment and mark escape routes.”

Recognizability and overview through standardization

One of our focal points is the recognizable display of information using graphic elements. We create optimally communicating safety signs through an appropriate combination of symbols, color schemes and backgrounds. This results in higher attention value, a valuable investment. Blomsma Signs & Safety implements safety signage on a project basis and always on the basis of the applicable laws, regulations and standards. These are based on (inter)national standards such as NEN, ISO and DIN standards that promote standardisation. This standardization subsequently promotes recognition and comprehensibility. A well-considered mix of legal requirements, standards, graphic design, choice of materials and positioning is the optimal way to meet the needs.

Safety signage is a logical policy choice

Creating a safe working environment for employees and suppliers and living environment for local residents is at least as important as an efficient production process and profit maximization. Safety signage is an essential part of contributing to all these objectives. Complying with legislation and standards is a basic requirement, but providing effective safety signs is a logical choice in a company’s policy.

Blomsma Signs & Safety acts as a partner and guarantees that safety signage is implemented optimally and in accordance with legislation.

"For those responsible for the health and safety of people in an organization or for the safety of people in a public area, implementing an effective safety signing system is a strategic and operational decision. The success fo these systems of visual safety communication depends on leadership, commitment and participation from all levels and functions of the organization". - ISO/TS 20559:2020

More about ISO20559


Applicable laws and regulations vary by geographical region, country and market (e.g. different laws and regulations apply in the maritime sector). So do the laws, regulations and standards for land and offshore objects. Conditions on ships and offshore platforms are different from those in buildings, on factory premises, in workshops and other public spaces on land. Our advice and projects comply with set (inter)national guidelines, legislation which is often translated into standards for a practical and uniform approach.