Special tool and equipment markings

What are special tool and equipment markings

Special tool and equipment markings are custom markings for specialist tools and installations. These markings can have a safety information function, a custom technical function or a specific identification function. All these markings share the specialist character, tailored to a specific part. Special tool and equipment markings are there to help identify.

Various applications

Tool and equipment markings are developed for various applications. This may require material testing and surface testing. Or is it desirable to test against any regulations and standards? In the case of foils and films, selecting and advising on the use of materials is done in collaboration with 3M. Our knowledge of available materials from the sign market, in combination with the experience we have from the offshore, maritime and industrial sector, lead to pragmatic and innovative solutions. Examples of these diverse applications are;

  • Ruler marking on Hydrohammers
  • Underwater identification markings at riser connections of FPSOs
  • Wellhead construction platform markings
  • Transition Piece connector platform signage
  • Bollard markings
  • Maximum lifting load indications
  • Frame markings
  • Lifebuoy decals
  • Defense Instruction Markers

Solutions are available for normal and the most extreme conditions such as offshore. In cases where the requirements do not match the performance of the available foils and films, we propose alternatives. Blomsma Signs & Safety is an all-round partner of 3M, with a Platinum Select status. This status stands for quality, support and access to a diverse selection of materials from different sectors and for different applications.

Special tool and equipment markings