Traffic Signs

What are traffic signs?

Traffic signs are signs along and above roads that give instructions or information to participants in traffic. Signs in traffic are a household word and we can hardly imagine doing without them. Because of the harmonization and structural application, traffic signs are part of our daily habits. Even if we don’t pay immediate attention to them, we notice them when we are driving. The power of traffic signs lies in the simple and stylized representation of the message. A strong visual symbolic communication tool with a consistent use of color to quickly convey information to users.

“Vertical signage (commonly referred to as traffic signs) is an essential element of a modern and well maintained road infrastructure. It helps regulate traffic, provide crucial visual guidance, can alert drivers to potential hazards on the road and give drivers important preview time during night-time conditions” - European Union Road Federation ERF


Traffic signs influence desired behavior

Road safety and the smooth flow of traffic are improved by clear information. In regular and complex, clear traffic situations,road signs are an ultimate way to quickly convey information and instructions.

The combination of the traffic volume, the property of the road and the environment of the road produces countless different situations. The road authority has the task of supporting the existing infrastructure with traffic signs so that the road user knows what behavior is expected of him/her. The desired traffic behavior contributes to traffic safety and flow-through.

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Road signs: reflective and durable

The functionality of traffic signs depends on their visibility and recognizability during day and night situations. During the daytime it is important that a traffic sign is colorfast, has a uniform design and is of sufficient size to be recognized in time. In addition, it is important that traffic signs are made retro-reflective for visibility in evening and night situations. Blomsma Signs & Safety carries a complete range of retro-reflective materials for the manufacture of traffic signs, such as the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ prismatic reflective film. Traffic signs are an information system that must be relied upon; solid quality in execution for longevity and color fastness is a basic requirement. Our traffic signs are manufactured with the greatest care.

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Types of traffic signs

There are several types of traffic signs, each with a specific function and meaning. Road safety and traffic flow signs are classified according to temporary and permanent use. For temporary use, signs for direction of travel and detour are often executed in a different color composition than the permanent signs. In the Netherlands, traffic signs and their application are laid down in the Reglement verkeersregels en verkeerstekens 1990 “RVV1990“. In Belgium in the Royal Decree of December 1, 1975 of the general regulation on the police of the road traffic and of the use of the public road B.S. 09.12.1975.

Traffic signs include the following series:

  • Speed
  • Right of way
  • Closure
  • Direction of travel
  • Parking and standstill
  • Warnings, commands and prohibitions other
  • Signage
  • Information

In addition to signs for road traffic, there are also traffic signs for waterways, which apply to waterways. These are specific traffic signs to inform traffic over water. In the Netherlands, the applicable traffic signs for waterways are determined in the Inland Waterways Police Regulations.

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Planning of traffic signs

With proper advance planning, a structured system can be achieved. A traffic plan that includes traffic signs as well as signage, lines and any traffic furniture (clearance height protection, lane dividers and barriers) is shown, and based on the local situation. When preparing a traffic plan, issues such as logistic routes, walkways and traffic flow are incorporated to achieve an optimal signage system. The way of line and floor markings, safety signals and signage leads to simplified and practical compositions that enhance the operation of the system. Planning is an indispensable part of the implementation or reconstruction of road signs for traffic safety and flow.

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The route to improving road safety

Blomsma Signs & Safety leads the route of improving traffic safety in the right direction. From the supply of traffic signs to the reconstruction and optimization of traffic signs and traffic information systems. We provide complete projects with the development of a traffic (information) plan and realization on site. We apply our knowledge of legislation, materials and best practices in the most diverse environments. At water purification plants, industrial and chemical complexes, refineries, tank terminals, logistics sites and public areas, we know how to make a visible difference and how smart solutions can increase safety and traffic flow.