What is wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage is a system of signs and markings that provides insight into traffic flows about the destinations and the optimal route to reach the destinations. On company premises, we attach great importance to reaching those destinations efficiently and safely, taking into account other traffic flows and movements. Wayfinding signage is a fundamental part of a visual communication information system. It is also a means of showcasing identity and commitment to efficiency, experience and safety.

Functional signage

A signage system functions optimally when it is understood by its users. Standard criteria for comprehensibility is knowing the target audience; the needs of visitors to a medical center, for example, differ in many ways than those of a truck driver coming to unload chemicals at a chemical plant. Functional signage contributes to efficient and safe operations. Properly guiding your visitors, suppliers and internal traffic to their destinations prevents wandering around a location and saves time. It can also prevent unnecessary risks. Functional is recognizable, understandable and logical; functional signage is investment that pays off in many facets.

Signage often begins with an indication at the entrance to the site; entrance signs. At industrial sites, these access signs are often supplemented with safety symbols.

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Site signage and identity

Site signage can be used to reinforce your brand and culture. The use of (understandable, readable) corporate identity fonts, corporate identity colors and logo use are easy to apply in signage. Combined with recognizable international symbols and philosophies for the design and layout of a signage system give a unique and practical result. For example, national traffic laws or an international ISO standard for signage can be applied. This pairs a distinct identity with recognizable signs for a unique and effective signage system.

“The purpose of this part of ISO 28564 is to provide guidance on the design and use of location and direction signs to enable users to assimilate required information swiftly and accurately and act upon the information shown safely and conveniently” – ISO 28564-2:2016

More about ISO 28564-2:2016

The benefits of clear wayfinding

In addition to the benefit of practically informing users about the site and its destinations, clear wayfinding has more benefits:

  • Encourage return visits: The ease with which users can park and access your property(s) facilities will reduce the likelihood of frustration, increase their satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat visits.
  • Increase branding: By consistently using your corporate identity with your logo, company colors and font in your signage, you will strengthen your identity. Visitors will see your brand often during a visit, enhancing their experience with your brand and reinforcing their overall impression of their visit in a positive way.
  • Improve efficiency: Signage allows users to reach their destination faster, minimizing the number of people who wander across your site and can frustrate other traffic flows.
  • Increase productivity: Well-placed signage can direct visitors and vendors to their destinations without interrupting your staff for assistance.

The 'our work' page features great examples of wayfinding projects Blomsma Signs & Safety has completed. For example, take a look at our site routing for DSM:

Site routing and safety signs for DSM

De voordelen van duidelijke terreinbewegwijzering

Practical examples and applications a site signage system include arrival signs, parking signs, siding signs, goods movement route signs, unloading area route markings, unloading area and bay number designations, gate numbers, driving route signage in parking garages, building coding and walking route signage. Overhead signs are a strong visual support tool in a signage system when they are well designed and take into account reading distance and speed of passers-by. The ISO 28564 can also play a guiding role here.

Getting started with wayfinding

If signage is not your day job, it can be challenging to determine what signage is needed and where what is needed. Available materials, classifying target groups, international visitors and suppliers, the influence of security signage on your signage, multiple internal or external stakeholders with wishes and requirements. In short, a complex matter without the help of enthusiastic specialists. We know your challenges and can provide you with the right advice, production and installation of your signage. It is our dedication to realize a strong visual system, from a style concept and when relevant, a detailed signage plan.