Emergency instructions

Emergency instructions in accordance with the Occupational Health Act

Dutch occupational health legislation requires that employees, visitors and contractors are kept clearly informed during emergencies. This covers the behaviour required from them and current telephone numbers for the emergency services. A summary of this information is given on instruction cards.

What to do if there is an emergency

In addition to the abridged information provided in emergency evacuation plan drawings, other more extensive procedures have to be displayed too. All relevant instructions from the safety plan are communicated in combination with the escape and evacuation plan signs.

Combination with the escape and evacuation plan sign

Because an emergency action card should preferably be located near an escape and evacuation plan sign, we aim to create a uniform graphic design for them. This makes sure that information is transferred understandably. If the instructions are brief, they can be included in the escape and evacuation plan.

Instruction panels – standard dimensions

Producing instruction panels, escape and evacuation plan signs etc. in standard sizes makes it possible to swap and replace them easily. For instance, it should be possible to change a plan after rebuilding work without having to make changes to the entire instruction panel. Instruction maps can also be used as independent information carriers in separate areas such as meeting rooms.