Fire brigade plans of approach

The fire brigade’s plan of approach gives information

The fire brigade’s plan of approach gives information
Information that the fire brigade needs when tackling a fire or entering an area in which there are hazardous substances is given on a drawing called a fire brigade plan of approach. It is often a safety plan based on a site map of the business premises or the business park, annotated with relevant symbols for the fire brigade in accordance with NEN-1414.

Providing insights into policy, in accordance with NEN, DIN and ISO

Blomsma Signs & Safety provides insight into safety policy in accordance with applicable national or international standards such as the NEN-1414, NEN-1413, DIN and ISO standards. A plan of approach for the fire brigade gives information about access routes, types and quantities of hazardous substances stored on the site and in the surroundings, etc. Everything is focused on clear and quick provision of information to fire brigade teams.