Safety markings

Safety markings using tapes or strips

Hazardous locations pose many risks such as bumping yourself, stumbling or tripping over, falling objects, etc. that must be identified with safety markings. A yellow and black diagonally hatched tape or strip is used for marking danger areas. Red and white is used for cordoning off a prohibited area, as well as for additional marking of fire-fighting equipment. Safe situations are marked with green and white. This type of marking is also used for additional marking of rescue equipment and/or escape doors, stairs and ladders.

Contrasting white or photoluminescent yellow

Bands and strips with diagonally hatched stripes are used for marking. The stripes are all the same width and are at a 45° angle to the tape. The material is made in the colour combinations yellow and black, red and white, green and white, or blue and white. The contrast colour (white or yellow) can also be a persistent (photoluminescent) yellow colour.