Safety signage and process identification

Blomsma Signs & Safety has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and practical experience with safety signage and process identification. We work at onshore, maritime and offshore locations: from petrochemicals to schools, from hospitals to the oil and gas industry, from water purification and waste processing to energy companies. We have suitable solutions for all locations.

Escape route marking

Evacuation of a hospital, maritime vessel or other public building is completely different from evacuating a gas production platform with natural gas containing hydrogen sulphide and condensates. Properly designed escape route marking is completely different for every sector and every location. Blomsma Signs & Safety has the expertise to translate the various situations into escape route marking systems that are appropriate for the visitors and the workforce present at that location.

Advice from practical experience

We combine our many years of practical experience with our up-to-date safety knowledge and our knowledge of the latest legislation and regulations. Our staff will make an in-depth study looking at how the relevant risks at your location can be appropriately reduced. And we will help you think things through, in the spirit rather than just the letter of Chapter 8 of the Dutch Occupational Health Act!

Communicating the safety message

Safety signage is all about communicating the information that helps people reach a safe location. Blomsma Signs & Safety ensures that the signage is designed to fit the target group and gets the right tone of voice and frequency of signs. This creates a clear overall set of carefully designed, functional signage.