Standards and Laws

The difference between standards and laws

Standards are not laws, but provide a “best practice” guideline. Everyone benefits from this. In business agreements standards have an important function. They provide clarity in product durability and quality of service. They also challenge society to improve and innovate on their products and services.

Overview of standards and laws

In addition to obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety legislation, there are also several other laws and regulations applicable to, for instance, areas as escape routes. In addition, for maritime and offshore objects also different laws and regulations apply as compared to those for onshore objects. After all, the conditions and environment at sea are different than in buildings, factories, workshops and public areas. In addition, the laws and regulations may differ in each country or continent.

In this section Blomsma Signs & Safety tries to offer you some insight into a selection of the laws and standards to which we conform. A preselection has been made for Industrial & Chemical, Offshore & Marine and the Utility sector. In addition we offer an overview that lists the most important laws and standards that we use regardless of the sector to which they apply.