sign plan Blomsma Signs & Safety escape route marking Eneco

Blomsma Hoogezand to realise safety signage at Eneco Bio Plant Delfzijl

Blomsma Signs & Safety Hoogezand has been contracted by Eneco Bio Golden Raand Delfzijl to realize the safety signage.

The project includes the first phase from a previously developed Signage Plan for the entire location. The signage for the escape routes, firefighting equipment and rescue equipment is being installed in this phase. The escape route signage will provide markings to (emergency) exits in buildings and installations and connect to signage leading to the assembly points on site. The markings for firefighting and rescue equipment are being designed in an appropriate and legible format and mounted in such a way that the locations of the relevant equipment are clearly identifiable.

The Signage Plan developed earlier is guiding for the realization and is based on provisions from legislation and regulations, including the Working Conditions Regulations (chapter 8). The symbolism used is executed in accordance with ISO 7010 in order to guarantee uniformity and recognisability.

Eneco Bio Golden Raand is the largest bio-energy plant in the Netherlands. Eneco has constructed a bio-energy plant with a capacity of 135 MW thermal and 49.9 MW electrical in Delfzijl’s port area. At Eneco Bio Golden Raand, wood chips from waste wood are being converted into green electricity and green steam. Every year the plant processes around 300,000 tons of waste wood arriving by ship and truck in Delfzijl from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Compared to the electricity production of an average power station, this wood power station saves 210,000 tons per year of CO2 emissions.

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