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ISO 20560: a new global standard to bring consistency in the marking of pipes and tanks

Identification of the contents of piping systems and storage tanks in the chemical, maritime, industrial and offshore markets is crucially important. It reduces misunderstandings in operational and maintenance work to an absolute minimum and in doing so, contributes to overall safety.

Currently there are different national and international standards for marking pipes and storage tanks, but not one uniform, consistent system. That will change with the new ISO 20560 standard.

As chairman, project leader and initiator, Blomsma Signs & Safety is active in the person of director-owner Willem Heijboer in the 145 Technical Committee, working group 6 of ISO that has worked on a global standard for pipe and tank marking: ISO 20560. The ISO 20560 standard is expected to be published in mid-2020.

A total of 9 countries are actively involved in the development of this new ISO 20560 standard through participation in the working group by means of delegated specialists.


Reason and background
One of the technical committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO/TC 145 – standardizes the symbols that appear on products and for use in working environments. ISO/TC 145 subcommittee 2 focuses on safety identification, signs, shapes, symbols and colours. The main task of working group 6 (WG 6) is the development of the new standard, ISO 20560-1 – Safety information for the content of piping systems and tanks – Part 1 Piping systems and ISO 20560-2 – Safety information for the content of piping systems and tanks – Part 2 Tank markings.


First ever global standard
This global standard for marking pipes and storage tanks is the first of its kind. The aforementioned ISO working group 6 (WG 6), for which Blomsma Signs & Safety, in the person of Willem Heijboer, took the initiative and has the chairmanship, has as its main objective the realization of a global, harmonized system for the recognition of hazards for piping systems and storage tanks and vessels. This uniformity of graphic design, colour coding and formatting of safety information will ensure consistency, which in turn promotes familiarity and increased understanding, which is an important part of an effective safety identification system.


ISO 20560 in practice
Thanks to our knowledge and experience with pipe and tank marking projects, we are already able to provide your location with pipe and tank marking based on the ISO 20560 standard. This includes the geothermal project of Trias Westland, the Netherlands, where the pipe marking is based on the ISO (DIS) 20560 standard. You can see this project in our projects gallery.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the new ISO 20560 standard or to have a quote drawn up immediately for pipe or tank marking for your location.