ISO20560 Tank marking for MaasStroom and Rijnmond Energy by Blomsma Signs & Safety

ISO20560 Tank marking for MaasStroom and Rijnmond Energy

CCI (Castleton Commodities International) MaasStroom Energie CV and Rijnmond Energy power stations have awarded Blomsma Signs & Safety the contract to realise the tank marking, with a medium colour guide in accordance with the brand new ISO 20560/1 standard.

The power stations located on the Vondelingenplaat in Rotterdam have deliberately selected ISO20560/1 as the basis for marking the tanks. The reason for this is the international character of the standard, the expected expiry of NEN3050 and the direct connection with medium colour for marking pipes. Although ISO20560/1 is a standard for pipe marking, the medium colours can already be used on tank markings. The ISO20560/2 standard for tank marking will be the follow-up to the ISO20560/1 and is currently still in the concept stage. The current social crisis has slowed the progress of this standard.

In addition to the ISO20560 colour combination, components of the tank markings also include the GHS/CLP hazard pictograms, the NFPA hazard diamond and Kemmler code that represent the Hazard Identification and UN numbering.

Blomsma Signs & Safety is taking care of the entire project; advice, design, engineering, production and assembly by 3M™ Certified Safety Sign Installers™. The markings will be manufactured on high-quality 3M materials, which are suitable for use in industrial and coastal environments.

MaasStroom Energy is a high-efficiency gas-fired power station on the Vondelingenplaat in Rotterdam-Pernis. The power plant was taken over by the American CCI, Castleton Commodities International in mid-July 2017. It was the first gas-fired power plant in the Netherlands with a de-NOx installation. Rijnmond Energy’s power station – also gas-fired – is located right next to the MaasStroom Power Station and was restarted in 2019 after a shutdown of more than 4 years.


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