Blomsma Signs & Safety Project gallery

Launch of the Blomsma Signs & Safety Projects Gallery

The best way to make clear what impact a successful safety signage project has is to show how other companies have worked with Blomsma Signs & Safety to address safety signage issues.

With that in mind, we have revamped our Projects Gallery on the website. The descriptions of the projects in this gallery start with the customer’s challenge and end with the final result. There are brief notes about the project-related legislation and regulations, our approach and project plan, and the scope of the safety signage.

The new gallery contains projects from the Industrial & Chemical, the Offshore & Marine and the Utilities sectors, so that you can quickly navigate to the projects from your own sector. Because correctly applied safety signage is primarily a visual way of making the working environment safer, each project is presented along with a number of photos of the end results.

You can visit our new Projects Gallery here.