ISO/TS 20559:2020 TS for use of safety signage system

New ISO Technical Specification for a safety signage system

The first edition of a new ISO TS (Technical Specification) for the development and use of a safety signage system has been published.

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) has published the ISO/TS 20559:2020. This technical specification is a design guideline for the development and use of a safety signage system.

ISO/TS 20559: 2020 provides a framework for the systematic use of different categories of safety signage in order to reduce risks by accurately communicating them.

This technical standard specifies categories such as escape route signage, evacuation plans as pipe markings, and provides practical backgrounds and principles for consistency, placement, layout and use.

It is a strategic and operational decision for safety experts and persons operationally responsible to approach and implement safety signage as a system. A system that works together with a safety and health management system such as ISO 45001.

Setting up a safety signage system with this Technical Standard is still a challenge with varying complexities. Blomsma Signs & Safety can help with designing a plan and fully realizing the safety signage system.

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The ISO TS 20559:2020(E) can be ordered at ISO.