Proces identification tagging Albemarle Catalysts B.V. Amsterdam by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Blomsma Signs & Safety process tagging project awarded by Albemarle Catalysts

Zoetermeer, 10 February 2020.

Blomsma Signs & Safety B.V. announced today that a project for the realization of process identification tagging has been awarded by Albemarle Catalysts B.V. Amsterdam.

“We are pleased with the contract which contributes to the identification of assets at Albemarle. The optimization of process tagging is a step into the future” says Brian Lenos, Division Manager Blomsma Signs & Safety. “Our engineer Ron Briedé has investigated various possibilities to give a pragmatic interpretation to process tagging, which meets the requirements of Albemarle”.

The process identification project is a great sequel to a previously executed project for pipe marking, acquired knowledge and familiarity with the site can be used for the most efficient possible execution”.

The project will be realized from our headquarters in Zoetermeer, the start of the project has already taken place.


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