Surveys Audit Low Location Lighting Systemen by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Successful DNV renewal audit for Survey of Low Location Lighting systems

In order to be allowed  to perform Surveys of Low Location Lighting Systems using phosphorescent materials on ships, high speed crafts and offshore units, Blomsma Signs & Safety is certified by DNVGL. This certification is crucial to ensure that any surveyor has qualified personnel and has implemented written systems for training, control, verification and reporting.

The validity of such an approval by DNVGL to perform surveys on LLL is three (3) years and earlier this week we have successfully renewed our approval for the next three years. This renewal audit takes place to ensure that the previously approved conditions are being maintained by us.

Low Location Light surveys

As a ship or offshore unit owner, you are required to test all Low Location Light systems at least once every five years. Our engineers test the luminance of your LLL systems on-board with fully certified measurement equipment. The measurement process as well as equipment are all certified by DNVGL. Blomsma Signs & Safety will report all readings including the required upgrades and modifications. We will do this upon completion of the measurement survey, and when all systems meet the legally required ratings.

Contact our team if you want to learn more about our Low Location Lighting surveys.