Anti-slip Blomsma Signs & Safety Hand aan de railing


Anti-slip materials improve safety

Slipping, sliding and falling can be prevented by using anti-slip material. This applies not only to stairs but also to walkways on floors, cage ladders, etc. Blomsma Signs & Safety has anti-slip solutions that can be affixed to surfaces such as metal (grid floors), concrete, plastic and wood. We deliver and fit anti-slip covers, anti-slip tapes and anti-slip coatings.

Durable quality

The anti-slip materials, elements and coatings delivered by Blomsma are optimum quality. Our suppliers’ products have been selected through research and from many years of practical tests under heavy-duty conditions: in offshore and maritime environments (salt water and hydrocarbons), in the chemicals sector and also with intensive traffic in non-clean environments.

Custom solutions

Blomsma Signs & Safety has professional draftsmen, engineers and technicians. They make an inventory of the slip hazard situations at your company and base their anti-slip advice on it, stating a suitable grain structure or ‘grid’. If necessary, a complete anti-slip delineation programme can be included in signage plans. All our anti-slip solutions are customized work.

Integration of safety signage

Various locations where anti-slip solutions have been applied may also need integrated safety signage, with an additional textual message. Possibilities could be indicating an EX area on a staircase panel when entering a factory, or showing the symbol for the mandatory pedestrian route on walkways. Ask us about the possibilities!