Delfland Water Authority Safety signage Blomsma Signs & Safety

Blomsma is the safety signage partner for the Delfland Water Authority

Blomsma Signs & Safety has been awarded the contract by the Delfland Water Authority (Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland) for optimising the safety signage.

Safety signage plays a crucial role in affecting behaviour. Symbols show the risks in a dynamic environment. Symbols give instructions about using personal protection equipment in a uniformly recognisable way. Safety signage even goes further than that, in fact, identifying entire processes of complex plant equipment and any hazards. When correctly designed and implemented, safety signage is a communication system.

Blomsma Signs & Safety will be handling the reconstruction and optimisation of the safety signage for the Delfland Water Authority sites. We are providing advice (consultancy) engineering and realisation, in close cooperation with the operations, maintenance and the safety department. Blomsma will provide the full spectrum of safety signage: tank marking, pipe marking, multiple signs for hazardous and restricted areas, escape route signage, fire-fighting and rescue equipment signs and numerous other subjects. The context of the project scope is given by the legislation and regulations, with all the recent amendments and developments applied.

The various projects are being carried out at the ‘Groote Lucht’ wastewater purification plant (Vlaardingen), the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ wastewater purification plant (Hoek van Holland) and sixteen pumping stations between Schiedam and Hoek van Holland.

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