Reconstruction Saipem 7000 safety signage by Blomsma Signs & Safety

Blomsma Signs & Safety is reconstructing the Saipem 7000 safety signage

We have started the reconstruction of the safety signage on the Saipem 7000. The Saipem 7000 is currently with Damen Verolme in Rotterdam-Botlek for an upgrade of the DP3 system. In order to comply with the latest IMO regulations (IMO Resolution A.1116(30), which gives ISO 24409 as the guideline for the signalling system, Blomsma has been contracted to handle a complete re-engineering and refit programme for the safety signage for the accommodation as a whole.

This comprises renewing the escape route signage, the escape route guidance system (Low Location Lighting) and the signage for the fire prevention and life-saving and rescue equipment. The photoluminescent low location lighting system will be installed as per IMO resolution A.752(18) and ISO 15370. The cabin safety instructions have also been included in the system. They have been produced entirely by Blomsma and individualized for each cabin. The production, engineering and assembly have been realized in full by the Blomsma Safety Group division.

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